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Industrial Cardboard Production Line

The industrial cardboard production line is made up of the paper bearing stand, overbridge conveying machine, automatic side aligner, glue coating device, compacting machine, drying section with drying cylinder, calendar, cooling section, paper separation and traction machine, CNC transverse cutting device, stacking unit, etc.

This cardboard production line laminates roll paper whose breadth can be optionally 1800mm, 2000mm and more. It is applicable to three or four pieces of corrugated medium at the same time to make cardboard which is 2,000g/m2 in weight and 3.5mm in thickness. Additionally, the production quantity is from 60t to 120t per day. The cardboard manufactured by our equipment is comparable to its imported counterparts in respect of thickness, compactness, moisture content, smoothness, stiffness and tensile strength. Based on this, it is an ideal substitute for imported ultra thick hardboards.

This product has the characteristics of advanced production techniques, convenient operation and maintenance, energy efficiency, environment protection, etc. It makes up for many disadvantages of manual lamination with a single machine, substantially reduces production costs, improves cardboard quality and brings great economic benefits. Therefore, this production line is a preferred choice for fabrication of cardboard and fiberboard boxes. It is also suitable for cigarette case, wine box, luggage, food box, high-end gift box, etc.

Technical Specifications

Rated production speed: 100m/min
Actual production speed: 40-80m/min
Effective width: 600mm-1800mm
Production line length: about 45m (subject to foundation drawings)
Space: 40m×8.2m×3.8m

1. HS-B hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand
Industrial Cardboard Production Line
Specifications of main parts
  • * Driving method: full hydraulic driving
  • * Clamping diameter: Ø1500mm as maximum Ø400mm as minimum
  • * Bear load on one side: 3000kg as maximum
  • * Main shaft diameter: Ø240mm
  • * Brand of hydraulic system: TIANYUAN
  • * Brand of pneumatic components: AIRTAC
  • * Brand of low voltage distribution equipment: SCHNEIDER, CHNT
Specifications of hydraulic system
  • * Operating pressure (Mpa): 12-16 MPa
  • * Hydraulic cylinder lifting range: Ø125mm×440mm
  • * Hydraulic cylinder diameter: Ø80mm×720mm
  • * Hydraulic unit power: 4KW
Structure features
  • * The machine is capable of simultaneously operating two rolls of paper, allowing it to continue operating when changing either part of the feeding paper.
  • * They hydraulic driving system is responsible for lifting, clamping and loosening of the base paper.
  • * The tension control system uses a pneumatic brake and manual control, both of which can be controlled online with the paper feeding machine.
2. 3-layer overbridge conveying machine
Industrial Cardboard Production Line

The 3-layer overbridge conveying machine carries out paper transmission and recitification. The guide roller diameter is Ø85mm, and there are four layer guide shafts. Users have to manually adjust the paper shaft balance. The channel steel of the main overbridge stand is made of GB/T 699-2015.

3. Side aligner

The guide roller diameter is Ø85mm. The channel steel of main overbridge stand is GB/T 699-2015.

Structure features
  • * The guide roller and aligning unit are capable of automatically aligning the paper.
  • * The side aligner reduces waste caused by deflected paper when compacting
  • * With pneumatic testing, adjustment is automatic.
4. 3-layer glue coating device
Industrial Cardboard Production Line
  • * Guide Roller Diameter: 100mm wall thickness 15
  • * Glue Roller Diameter: 240mm wall thickness 30
  • * Smooth Glue Roller Diameter: 140mm wall thickness 15
Structure features
  • * The side aligner features a frequency conversion motor and is driven by a sprocket chain.
  • * The glue roller is anilox embossed and the surface is chromate coated. The compression roller is fine grinded and surface coated with a chromate coating.
  • * With pneumatic operation, the double-sided roller structure is flexible and convenient. Double pressure paper roller paper pressing mechanism, pneumatic operation.
  • * The automatic circulating glue supply protects glue against moisture.
  • * The preheater accelerates gelatinization.
5. Laminating machine
Industrial Cardboard Production Line
  • * Heavy pressure roller specification: diameter 400mm×thickness 35mm with fine grinding and chrome plating
  • * Cooling pressure roller specification: diameter 110mm×thickness 15mm with fine grinding and chrome plating
  • * Driving roller specification: diameter 400mm×thickness 35mm with fine grinding and chrome plating
Structure features
  • * With an overall high strength, the machine features a wide channel steel structure, which is durable, with a clear appearance, and stable performance, making it ideal for high speed operation.
  • * The heavy pressure roller is professionally manufactured, and conforms to national safety standards.
  • * The heavy pressure roller features pneumatic control to ensure uniform pressure, stable rise and fall, and reliable operation.
  • * The cardboard is bonded firmly and flat shaped.
6. CNC transverse cutting device
Industrial Cardboard Production Line
  • * Maximum speed: 100m/min
  • * Cutting width: 500mm-9999mm
  • * Cutting precision: ±1mm during uniform operation
  • * Cardboard requirements:
Raw paper < 360g/㎡ Corrugated medium < 200g/㎡
Thickness 3-14mm Moisture content < 10%
  • * Relative humidity 20%-90%; relative temperature 5℃-50℃
  • * Pressure of air supply: 0.6-0.9MPa
  • * Cutter shaft diameter: Ø 188mm on top Ø 188mm on bottom
  • * Guide shaft diameter:
    Front axle on top(Sun Gear)Ø 165mm Front axle on bottom Ø 120mm
    Rear axle on top(Sun Gear)Ø 165mm Rear axle on bottom Ø 120mm
Structure features
  • * There are windows on both sides of the machine, allowing for easy operation and maintenance.
  • * The transmission system uses an oil pump with automatic circulating lubrication to ensure transmission accuracy.
  • * The special structural design for the cutter exchange ensures the machine is fast and efficient.
  • * The whole system is designed and manufactured under C.E standards and should pass strict industrial-grade computer testing to ensure its quality, longevity and stability.
  • * The system features automatic detection function that can prevent the loss caused by abnormal usage and careless operation.
  • * The computer is capable of automatically adjusting the paper cutting acceleration according to the cardboard specification and actual production speed. It will also automatically monitor the operation speed to maintain synchronization.
  • * The computer can store up to 999 orders and automatically finish the tasks in sequence or according to priorities. The screen will display a variety of production information.
7. Full-auto stacking unit with right-angle structure
Industrial Cardboard Production Line

The full-auto stacking unit is used to move cardboard along the wide conveyor belt, and its right angle structure saves space. It automatically stacks cardboard, counts, and electronically resets the number, then transversely sends the cardboard out. The maximum cardboard length is 1600mm.


The main structure is made of 16# channel steel.

The air compression system provides compressed air for all pneumatic components throughout the entire production line, and ensures a stable working pressure.

8. Air compression system

The air compression system provides compressed air for all pneumatic components throughout the entire production line, and ensures a stable working pressure.

Structure features
  • * Compressed air energy storage is used for a centralized air supply with stable pressure and sufficient source.
  • * Each pneumatic component takes gas from the main pipe with independent control and no mutual influence.
  • * Each pneumatic component adjusts the air pressure as required and is equipped with a barometer.
  • * Before entering pneumatic components, the compressed air should be treated through a secondary filter and oil mist removal, to ensure the good performance and actuator safety.
Raw materials and parameters
  • * Air compressor: 7.5kw
  • * Air tank material: boiler steel of Jinan Iron and Steel Company Ltd. wall thickness 20mm

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