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Printing Inspection Machine

The printing inspection machine is characterized by large inspection area and overall inspection, with the detectable rate up to 100%. The perfect combination of the high speed image pickup system, computer image processing system, and the mechanical positioning system is conducive to the rapid detection speed and high detection precision of the printing machinery.

Technical Parameters of Printing Inspection Machine

Model JP1040
Max. Paper Size 1040×780mm
Min. Paper Size 400×360mm
Paper Weight 70-400g/m2
Working Speed Max. 150m/min, 12,000pcs/hour
Camera 4K 4K+8K
Resolution for Image Capture 0.13mm×0.13 mm 4K camera: 0.13×0.13mm 8K camera: 0.07×0.08mm
Min. Size of Point Defect (Ink dot, skip printing, and dirt) High contrast: 0.15mm2
Low contrast: 0.25mm2
High contrast: 0.1mm2
Low contrast: 0.2mm2
Min. Size of Line Defect (Elongated ink) High contrast: width≥0.2mm, length≥10mm Low contrast: width≥0.3mm, length≥10mm High contrast: width≥0.15mm, length≥10mm Low contrast: width≥0.25mm, length≥10mm
Color Difference Detection △E≥3 △E≥3
Register Deviation Lateral direction: ±0.2mm Moving direction: ±0.2mm Lateral direction: ±0.15 mm Moving direction: ±0.15 mm
Power 14kW
Net Weight 9.8T
Overall Dimension 10600×2650×2400mm (including pedal)

Configurations and Features

①Automatic paper feeding device
②Deviation correcting and positioning system
③Vacuum absorption platform
④Inspection unit
⑤Waste removal unit
⑥Paper collecting device

1. Automatic paper feeding device

The automatic paper feeding device adopts feed head for the printing press with the maximum paper feeding speed up to 12,000 pieces per hour. The size of the paper can be 1040×780mm. In addition to the convenient paper clearance adjustment, this printing inspection machine is well received because of the controller installed to avoid double pieces of paper conveying. Applicable for direct paper feeding with pallet jack, this printing detection equipment is capable of satisfying the requirement for inspection, and no accurate positioning is required.

2. Deviation correcting and positioning system

Our product utilizes unique positioning device for large deviation correcting area, high positioning accuracy, and convenient adjustment.

3. Vacuum absorption platform

A. The vacuum paper conveying platform for the printing inspection machine has excellent stability.
B. The size of the area for vacuum platform reaches up to 2600mm×1100mm, ensuring smooth sucking of the paper in big size.
C. Made of 25mm steel plate, the paper conveying device with outstanding flatness is processed with the machining centre. The optimal design for outstanding shock resistance and shock absorption property is conducive the stable operation of the product.
D. Each conveyer belt for the printing inspection machine, which is imported from Germany, is produced in one piece. So, the paper maintains flat and stable during high speed conveying.
E. The vacuum draught fan of the defect printing inspection machine has powerful airflow. The air volume is adjustable to ensure good smoothness of the paper.
F. The paper conveying belt can be replaced easily without dismantling the wall panel.

4. Inspection unit

The inspection unit of the printing inspection machine supports large area inspection with the size up to 1040×780mm. Therefore, this product has high working efficiency. The maximum inspecting speed can be 10,000 pieces/hours, helping save the labor cost accordingly.

5. Waste removal unit

The pneumatically controlled waste removal unit can deliver the detected waste paper product to the waste collecting station automatically

6. Paper collecting device

The paper trimming device is pneumatically controlled. The paper trimming speed can be set up on the human-machine interface, directly. The adjustment of the side lay is quite convenient. Installed with air suction device, the paper collecting platform is characterized by trim paper collection.

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