Corrugated Cardboard Single Sheet Production Line

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Línea de producción de una hoja de cartón corrugado

The corrugated cardboard single sheet production line is available in three styles including HS-I(II) high speed single corrugated sheet (flat type), HS-III high speed single and double fluted sheet (flat type), as well as HS-IV high speed single fluted sheet (rotary type).

The single sheet production line plays an indispensible role in manufacturing boxes for artware, shoes and wine. It is composed of the paper mill roll stand, hot water cylinder, single facer, overbridge conveyor, computer transverse cutting unit and paper stacking machine. This product realizes high speed production of two-layer cardboard. It is characterized by computer controlled high speed cutting machine, three-section belt conveying, as well as automatic counting, stacking and output. This improves production speed, reduces labor consumption and ensures cutting accuracy.

Corrugated Cardboard Single Sheet Production Line
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