High Speed Die Cutting Machine

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High Speed Die Cutting Machine

1. The high speed die cutting machine is controlled by PLC program with complete protection function and high reliability.
2. The die cutting roller chooses high quality steel with the wall being 30mm in thick. It goes through balance correction and is plated with hard chrome.
3. The automatic soft roller grinding mechanism can improve the reuse rate of rubber sleeve. The rollers can be grinded for 3 to 4 times.
4. The automatic linear speed compensation function makes each batch of cardboard boxes have the same die cutting size.
5. The imported polyurethane rubber pad is convenient for installation and can bear 12 million times of die cutting.
6. The sixth grade precisely grinded gear, constructed from 40Cr, can be used for a long time while producing little noise.
7. The high speed die cutting machine makes use of the leading edge paper feeding system characterized by high feeding accuracy and fast speed. Meanwhile, the feeding wheel is durable.
8. The phase is manipulated by the microcomputer fast and accurately within 360 °.
9. The high speed die cutter uses the LCD touch screen to carry out man-machine interaction in a convenient and direct way.

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