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Rotary Cutting Machine

Rotary Cutting Machine

The rotary cutting machine falls into the scissor type. It has a high manufacture cost and can be used to process long cardboards. Its design speed is 120m/min, cutting length ranges from 9999mm to 500mm, as well as the cutting accuracy is ±1mm. The location of the product in the production line is illustrated in the diagram (11).

1. The rotary cutting machine is particularly devised with an extremely high intensity mechanical wallboard and base. The two sides of the wallboard come with perspective windows for convenient observation and maintenance.
2. The high-precision knife shaft and knife rest ensures steady and high speed cutting.
3. The product is automatically oil lubricated in a circulating manner with the help of oil pump.
4. The high precision and adjustable gapless gears make cuts precisely meshed, and they run in a balanced way.
5. The product uses the computer for automatic adjustment of cutting speed in line with the cardboard specifications and production speed, as well as for making cutting speed synchronous with the production speed.
6. The computer is able to store multiple groups of orders, and separates from the human-machine interface. The screen is capable of showing various kinds of production information which can be checked, revised, added or canceled at any time.
7. The rotary cutting unit chooses scissor type progressive spiral form cutting with small impact force and high cutting accuracy.
8. It comes with the special electricity resurrection and storing design, thus owning excellent electricity saving effects as well as the capability of overcoming unsteady electricity in factories.
9. The whole system can be well sheltered from losses caused by abnormal use as well as negligent operation, based on the automatic detecting function.
10. The computer can maximally store 999 groups of orders that can be automatically carried out in order or according to priority conditions. Various types of production information can be illustrated on the screen.

Technical Specifications
RC-15F NC Cut Off
Work width: 1400mm-2200mm
Max. design speed: 150m/min
Driving: Single- and Double

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