Electrical Paper Mill Roll Stand

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Electrical Paper Mill Roll Stand

The electrical paper mill roll stand accommodates the corrugated medium which is elevated with the motor power. Its position in WJ computer high speed corrugated cardboard production line is shown in diagram ① and that in the HS high speed corrugated cardboard single sheet production line is illustrated in diagram ①.

1. The symmetrical structure allows this product to be mounted with two bundles of corrugated medium at the same time. Paper changing can be easily done without stopping the whole machine.
2. Electrically driven, the paper mill roll stand has the ability to lift, clamp, loosen and center the corrugated medium. It applies expansion clamping head.
3. This product comes with alternative pneumatic or manual braking tension control system. Furthermore, the tension can also be under on-line control with the paper splicer.
4. The clamping and lifting of corrugated medium are dominated by the cycloid motor which supplies good protection for the paper mill roll stand from damage when the clamping arm overload or touch the ground.
5. There are two sets of paper feeding trolleys for conveying corrugated medium to required positions from two sides conveniently and flexibly. The main structure of the buried semi-closed track is welded with 16# channel steel for a rigid and durable structure.

Technical Specifications
ES-B Electrical Paper Mill Roll Stand:
Work width: 1400mm-2000mm
Available paper dia.: Ø1400mm
Braking: single-point and double-point

Corrugated Cardboard Single Sheet Production Line
Hebei Dinghao Machinery Company Ltd.

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