Corrugated Cardboard Conveyor

Corrugated Cardboard Conveyor

The corrugated cardboard preheater comes in YR a single layer type, YR double-layer type and YR three-layer type. It is employed to heat the corrugated medium. Its position in WJ computer high speed corrugated cardboard production line is shown in diagram ② and that in HS high speed corrugated cardboard single sheet production line is presented in drawing②.

Corrugated Cardboard Production Line
Hebei Dinghao Machinery Company Ltd.

1. With precision grinding and chrome plating, the surface of the preheater roller is smooth and durable.
2. The preheating rollers are professionally manufactured in compliance with national safety standards for the pressure vessel.
3. Their diameters can be 600,800,900 or 1000mm.
4. The preheating roller and paper guide roller are electroplated. The former is designed with butterfly or flat head to make the corrugated medium uniformly heated.
5. The angle wrapping of the corrugated medium is electrically adjusted between 60° and 270° to fit different paper characteristics and speeds.

Technical Specifications
PH Pre-heater
Dia. of pre-heater: Ø600mm-Ø1200mm
Work width: 1400mm-2800mm
Heat source: steam, oil (peripheral heating), electricity (arc cylinder)

Corrugated Cardboard Single Sheet Production Line
Hebei Dinghao Machinery Company Ltd.

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