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Carton Folding and Pasting Machine with Stitching Function

Main Features
1. The carton folding and pasting machine is applicable for corrugated cardboard with 3 layers, 5 layers, and 7 layers.
2. The stitching pitch can be from 50mm to 90mm.
3. With high production capacity, the operating speed of the corrugated carton making machine is about 1000-1200 staples/min.
4. The packing material production line supports automatic cardboard feeding, folding, regulating, stitching or gluing,counting, stacking, and discharging.
5. The cardboard regulating and stitching is controlled by the servo motor.
6. Utilizing internationally standard #17 or #18 nails, the carton folding and pasting machine is designed with the stitching angle of 45°.
7. The four servo motors are imported from Yaskawa. Apart from the high accuracy, the servo motors make for the stable performance of the carton forming machine.

Specifications of Carton Folding and Pasting Machine with Stitching Function

Model JHXDX-2000 JHXDX-2800
Item Max. Min. Max. Min.
A 1900 700 2520 750
B 900 300 900 300
C 600 150 620 150
D 800 350 760 640

Technical Parameters

Model JHXDX-2000 JHXDX-2800
Max. Cardboard Size 900×1900mm 900×2600
Min. Cardboard Size 250×700mm 300×850
Installation Area 2600×10000mm 3500×12000mm
Total Power 7.9kW 7.9kW
Power Supply 3-phase 380V 3-phase 380V

Main Structures

①Auto Feeder
②Auto Gelatinizing Device
③Auto Folding Unit
④Auto Stitcher
⑥Electrical Parts

Auto Feeder

The auto feeder adopts high quality vacuum rubber belt, ensuring smooth and efficient cardboard feeding. The special design helps realize simple, rapid, and accurate adjustment on the auto feeder. The independent operation of the side lay, paper feed baffle, and the belt makes for simple, rapid, and accurate adjustment based on the carton size.

Gluing and Nail Delivery Unit

1. The glue width is from 20mm to 25mm. The gelatinizing is conducted from the bottom of the carton.
2. Based on the conditions of the corrugated board, the glue tank can be moved laterally. Aside from the large glue storage capacity, the glue tank is highly appraised because of easy cleaning.
3. The glue feeding amount is adjustable.
4. The electrical control system is conducive to the precise stitching of the cartons.

Auto Folding Unit

1. The feeding unit employs high friction belt. The frequency converter, which is specially offered to control the folding speed, can be separately controlled, and is synchronized with the main motor.
2. Conveniently and rapidly, the adjustment for order change is quite easy.
3. Thanks to the re-creasing roller, re-creasing knife, side roller, and the flapping plate, the fish tail wrinkle on the carton can be eliminated, effectively.
4. Moreover, the secondary compensation and correction system is conducive to the smooth surface of the carton.

Auto Stitcher

1. The auto stitcher utilizes synchronous belt drive, PLC control system, and touch screen for convenient, rapid, and accurate control on the auto stitcher.
2. Characterized by less power consumption, fast speed, and high stability, the swing type stitching head helps improve the carton quality.

Stacking and Counting Unit

1. The flapping plate is employed to reduce the occurrence of the fish tail wrinkle.
2. The quantity of the cartons for each stack can be set up in the quantity of 10, 15, 20 and 25 pieces.

Electrical Parts

1. The electrical parts are scientifically and reasonably designed with optimal structure and reliable quality for low failure rate of the machine.
2. The Yaskawa servo motor control system enables precise machine operation.
3. French Schneider intermediate relays and Omron switch

Production Flow

1. Auto feeding
2. Auto gluing
3. Auto folding
4.Auto folding
5. Auto stitching
6. Auto stacking and counting
7. Manual bundling
8. Auto bundling

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