Square Cardboard Stacking Machine

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Square Cardboard Stacking Machine

The transport section will slow down equipment speeds in order to stack paper board in an electric transverse section. This section also uses a wide conveyor belt for transmission. Paperboard output is controlled using an electric switch when the pre-determined quality or height is achieved.

Cardboard conveying unit enjoys a slowdown stacking for an automatic conveying in a horizontal way.
Cardboard conveying unit adopts a wide conveyor belt.
When the cardboards arrive to a certain number or are stacked to a certain height, an electric switch will be turned on for cardboard discharging.

Technical Specifications
RF-10A Square Stacker
Work width: 1400mm-2200mm
Max. stacking height: 150mm
Max. sheet length: 3000mm
Max. design speed: 100m/min.

The position of the Square Cardboard Stacking Machine in the WJ computer high speed corrugated cardboard production line is shown in the diagram (12) and that in the HS high speed corrugated cardboard single sheet production line is presented in drawing ⑥.

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