Thin Blade Slitter Machine (Lateral Shift)

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Thin Blade Slitter Machine (Lateral Shift)

The speed of the BFY series Thin Blade Slitter Machine (Lateral Shift) is regulated by the adjustable-speed motor while has no synchronization function. The slitting means cutting the cardboard in the vertical direction and the scoring refers to the creation of creasing of the cardboard box. The location of the product in the WJ computer high speed corrugated cardboard production line is shown in the diagram ⑩.

1. The slitter machine adopts the thin blade for slitting use. The thin blade has sharp cutting edges after being grinded with the abrasion wheel. For this reason, the slit cardboard has smooth and neat edges, improving quality of the appearance and the whole cardboard. This is especially beneficial for feeding cardboard to be printed so as to reduce waste and improve the quality of the cardboard box.
2. The blades allow for automatic and manual grinding. The grinding time and interval can be chosen in line with actual needs to keep cutting edge sharp, as well as slit cardboards smooth and neat.
3. Every single blade can be independently lifted, and the slitting quantity can be changed on the basis of the cardboards.
4. The slitting width and creasing width of the slitter machine are manually adjusted.
5. The blade disc with different abrasion degrees can be adjusted freely.
7. The whole product is equipped with an axial displacement device which is electrically controlled for effective coordination with the deviation of the paper web.

Technical Specifications
TS-AE Thin Blade Slitting Machine (shifted)
Work width: 1400mm-2000mm
Max. design speed: 100m/min

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