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The double facer is employed to heat, dry and shape the corrugated cardboard. It consists of two parts, the drying and shaping system, plus the main driving system. The whole product is surrounded with a layer of cotton belt. The main driving system functions as a pusher of the cotton belt to further make the cardboard move forwards. The location of the product in the WJ computer high speed corrugated cardboard production line is illustrated in the diagram ⑧ ⑨.

1. The design speed of the double facer is 120, 180 or 220m/min, and the effective width is from 1400 to 2500mm.
2. The product has a high strength wide channel steel construction which is stable, exquisite and suitable for high speed operation.
3. The compression rollers in the cooing and heating sections are arranged in a concentrated way to make the cardboard firmly bonded and flat shaped.
4. The heavy pressure roller in the heating section is completely lifted by the hydraulic system with high stability, safety and reliability.
5. The upper cotton belt is equipped with an automatic and a manual deflection correction device, as well as a pneumatic and a manual tension adjusting machine. The lower cotton belt comes with tension force and automatic left-right deflection correction system.
6. The driving part of the double facer utilizes large diameter reticulate patterned wear resistant rubber to decrease the possibility of belt skidding and improve the stability of operation.
7. This product is characterized by independent reduction gearbox for driving and sealed gears for transmission. Additionally, the gears are lubricated by being dipped into oil. Hence, the noise is very little.
8. The pressurizing operation can be optionally conducted by pressure roll or pressing board.
9. The upper conveyor belt uses pneumatic tensioning, and manual or automatic deflection correction. It can also be matched with automatic cleaning device. The lower conveying belt comes with manual deflection correction.
10. The bonding section adopts steam heating method.
11. The entire pressurizing section employs hydraulic lifting. It also allows for segment pressurizing given the number of layers of the production line so as to guarantee appropriate pressure to bond and shape the cardboard.
12. The driving part is seperated from the double facer and has an independent driving box. A universal joint is adopted for transmission. For this reason, the whole machine is able to work in a more steady way.

Technical Specifications
Model DF-D Double Facer DF-C Double Facer
Work width 1400mm-2800mm
Max. design speed 250m/min 150m/min
Heating source steam

Hot Plate Section
1. The hot plate is professionally designed conforming to national safety standards for pressure vessels.
2. It is welded with multiple reinforcing ribs to avoid deformation.
3. The surface is accurately grinded or optionally chrome plated for pre-printing use.
4. The hot plate is connected in an intersection manner.
5. The internal S-shaped airstream directing structure improves the utilization ratio of steam. The steam is delivered inside through the steam pipeline and the steam exhaust port is arranged in an S shape. The hot plate used by the double facer has a balanced and uniform temperature.
6. The compression rollers are densely arranged for pressuring. The front hot forging part can be equipped with the pressing board.
7. The temperature of the hot plate is controlled segment by segment to adapt to the adjustment of the speed. The temperature* digital display can be adopted.
8. The number of the hot plate can be determined based on the speed and layer quantity of the whole production line.

Independently Driven Main Transmission Unit (Optional)
The double facer can be optionally fitted with an independently driven main transmission unit. The driving gearbox utilizes the helical gear driving mechanism. The gear is made out of optimum quality alloy steel with the surface being heat treated and the tooth surface being grinded. As a result, the gear possesses low operation noise and great transmission torque.

The bearing is lubricated by pump oil and the internal gear uses the self-splashing lubrication. The variable frequency motor is employed as the main drive for a wide adjustment range and stable operation. The independent driving box chooses two-shaft direct transmission. The big driving wheel assures the stability plus reliability of the bonding and drying machine when the running speed is high.

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