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Corrugated Cardboard Single Facer

The SF-FW 220/180 single facer is a kind of equipment used in manufacture of corrugated medium, a fluted sheet of a cardboard. It is honored as the heart of corrugated cardboard production line in the corrugated packaging industry.

This product comprises of the roll paper stand and single sided corrugating machine. The corrugated medium is first heated via steam, electricity or oil, and then made into desired shapes by the corrugated roller. Afterwards, the protruding corrugated parts are coated with starch adhesives and adhered to the single-sided surface paper. Thus, the single-sided corrugated cardboard comes into being.

The single facer is good for corrugated cardboard with large flute sizes, such as beer cases, fruit cases, packaging boxes of electrical appliances, etc. It is also applicable to corrugated fiberboards having small flute sizes. This product can be fitted in line with required speed and flute sizes including UV/A, E, C, B, EB and custom made ones.

The location of the single facer in WJ computer high speed corrugated cardboard production line is presented in drawing ③ and that in the HS high speed corrugated cardboard single sheet production line is illustrated in the diagram ③.

1. This machine uses the outer air suction technology to guide paper. The air volume is adjustable, ensuring the stability of flute size at high operation speed. The corrugated cardboard is drawn on the middle corrugated roller through the vacuum box by the fan so as to form a negative pressure zone within the range of 180°. Based on this, the corrugated rolling is accomplished.
2. The driving section is isolated from the single facer, and comes with an independent driving box. A universal joint works for transmission. This effectively separates vibration sources, bringing out more stable transmission, more reliable running and better maintainability. In this way, the whole machine has the ability to run more stably at high speeds.
3. The reduction gearbox is driven by the closed gear and lubricated by being dipping into oil so as to decrease machine vibration.
4. The glue coating section comes with an independent construction and the guide rail. Thereby, it can be entirely moved out for easy repair and maintenance.
5. The surface of glue feeding roller has special netlike and engraved decorations as well as chrome plating.
6. This equipment is capable of achieving automatic cycle of glue supply, and pneumatic control over glue coating and resetting.
7. Its application of intrusive gluing method broadens the contact area between gluing roller and glue liquid. The gluing width and quantity are both electrically regulated. This further boosts the operation efficiency.
8. The single facer is optionally equipped with gluing gap digital display or the gap undergoes automatic tracking adjustment according to the speed of production line.
9. The corrugating section can be wholly lifted up and make corrugating rollers easily changed, based on the modular structure. It is separated from the whole machine for convenient maintenance, as well as fast changes and combinations of different flute sizes.
10. The upper and lower corrugating rollers are constructed from 48CrMo high quality alloy steel. Owing to the heat treatment, their hardness ranges from HRC58 to 62°. The surfaces are grinded and chrome plated. Additionally, the diameters of these two rollers are 320 and 360, respectively. The design speeds are 180m/min and 220m/min, separately.
11. The single facer can be matched with a spraying device for adjusting humidity of the corrugated medium.
12. The variable frequency motor is adopted as the main drive. It is PLC controlled to keep step with the whole production line.

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