Semi Auto Gluing Machine

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Semi Auto Gluing Machine

1. The semi auto gluing machine is used in the last processing procedure for shaping the cardboard.
2. It is excellent for bonding the three-layer or five-layer corrugated cardboard cartons in different sizes.
3. The product owns high production efficiency. The bonded corrugated cartons are well-shaped and have exquisite appearances.
4. With low consumption of adhesive, the production cost of the gluing unit is more than 10 times lower than that of the carton stapling unit using flat wires. Furthermore, the gluing machine boasts firm gluing, simple operation, labor and electricity saving plus stable operation. It is an ideal solution to processing of high-end cardboard boxes.
5. The gluing unit is designed with a simple and reliable operation system, novel and smooth design, fast adjustment to different sizes of cartons, coupled with automatic setting of counting and packing functions.
6. It can glue the cardboard box with the minimum sum of width and height being around 240mm.
7. The photoelectric control of paper feeding height decreases labor intensity and increases working efficiency.
8. After being glued, the corrugated cardboard is pressed and bonded for a second time. Accordingly, it is made flat and solid.
9. The gluing machine is equipped with automatic correcting unit to make the cardboard have an accurate size and to effectively prevent the cardboards from being out of alignment.
10. It comes with a fan for the drying purpose.
11. The output equipment is assembled with a photoelectric correlation mechanism. The cardboard boxes will be automatically output when its number reaches a certain number.
12. After exporting cardboards of different models in line with the counting, the horizontal output unit will automatically work and stack the cardboards for convenient bundling.

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