Corrugated Cardboard Stapling Machine


1. The stapling machine works solely to staple corrugated cardboards into a carton or an unbottomed carton cylinder.
2. The stapling method includes single nail, double nails and reinforcing nail.
3. The nail pitch ranges from 20 to120mm, and can be automatically calculated. It is under the control of the servo motor imported from Japan.
4. The stapler uses a high definition color display touch screen measuring 5.7 inch.
5. Its head blade is constructed from imported alloy steel and undergoes special heat processing.
6. Electrically controlled, the whole stapling machine can be adjusted to suit cardboards in different sizes within just one minute. Thus, it is easy and convenient for operation.
7. At the final operation stage, this stapling equipment is able to output finished products in a given quantity for easy bundling, based on the automatic counting function.
8. It is excellent for three-layer or five-layer cardboards. If using this product to process seven-layer cardboards, customers are required to give a special illustration.
9. The stapling line is the 17# flat filament measuring 2.0×0.75.

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