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Box Stitching Machine

1. The box stitching machine employs Weinview touch screen for easy and convenient parameter setup, such as staple pitch, staple quantity, and staple type.
2. Apart from PLC control system, our corrugated box making machine adopts photoelectric proximity switch from France Schneider.
3. The Delta or the Yaskawa servo motor has high degree of precision, which reduces the failure rate of the machinery.
4. Our carton stitcher uses cylinder, air pipe, and air pipe connector with good durability from Zhejiang EASUN.
5. The staple is made of special steel for high hardness and good durability.
6.This box stitching machine supports the stitching of single staple, double staple, and strengthening type box stitching with single staple between double staple, capable of satisfying diversified customer demand.
7.It only takes about 1 minute for the user to change the carbon size and adjust pitch of staple, which is conducive to the high productivity of the carton stitching machine.
8. The cardboard feeding device for the box stitching machine is engineered with a counter. The cardboard conveying table, which is installed with photoelectric sensor, will rise automatically during paper feeding.
9. Another counter is designed for the box stitcher, for easy finished product packaging. Based on the preset value (1-99), the carton will be delivered to the end of the machine for packing.
10. In addition to the solenoid valve from internationally famous brand AIRTAC, we also use bearings from C&U. Some of the bearings for the box stitching machine are imported from other countries.

Technical Parameters

Speed 400 staples/min
Pitch of Staple 20-160mm
Effective Lifting Height of Working Table 900mm
Machine Weight 2-3 tons (based on machine configuration for single piece or double piece cardboard stitching)
Land Occupation 5.5×3.3×1.7m (The picture is for the product with large cardboard collecting table.

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