NC CNC Rotary Cross Cutting Machine

1. The NC CNC rotary cross cutting machine is especially designed with extremely high intensity mechanical wallboard and base. The two sides of the wallboard come with the perspective window for convenient observation and repair. The position of the product in the production line can be seen in the diagram 11.
2. The driving system is automatically lubricated in a circulating way with the help of oil pump for good driving accuracy.
3. The product uses grinded gears with high precision and hardness. Such gears have excellent resistance to high speed, and a long operation life. They guarantee cuts are precisely meshed and cardboards are flat without any burrs.
4. The rotary cross cutting machine comes with two layers of blades that can simultaneously cut cardboards in different specifications to meet two varied cutting requirements and gain high efficiency. In addition, the highest cutting speed is 180m/min, cutting length ranges from 9999mm to 500mm, as well as the cutting accuracy is ±1mm at a constant speed.
5. The special knife changing construction makes knives fast and conveniently changed. The design of high precision knife shaft and knife rest brings out very steady and high speed cutting.
6. The whole system is devised and manufactured in line with CE standards. It comes with industrial grade computer testing for good product quality, long operation life as well as operation steadiness.
7. The rotary cross cutting machine makes use of a particular electricity restoration and storing design for saving a lot of electricity as well as fighting against unstable electricity supply in factories.
8. This system, coming with an automatic detection function, is capable of preventing possible losses caused by abnormal as well as negligent operations.
9. The computer can automatically adjust the acceleration speed of paper cutting in accordance with the cardboard specifications and production speed. It is able to automatically track and keep in synchronization with the operation speed of the cardboard.
10. The computer can maximally store 999 groups of orders which can be finished in line with a certain order or priority conditions. The display screen adopted by the rotary cross cutting machine is able to show various manufacturing information.

Technical Specifications
RC-12E NC Cut Off
Work width: 1400mm-2000mm
Max. design speed:120m/min
Driving: Single

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