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SPM Corrugated Board Cutting Machine

The SPM corrugated board cutting machine is specially offered to cut off the single face corrugated board into specific dimensions, and stack them in line with the pre-set quantity for further laminating and box making. The machine combines the functions of corrugated board slitting machine, corrugated board cross cutting machine, and corrugated board stacking unit.

The maximum speed of the corrugated board slitting and cross cutting machine reaches up to 120m per minute, with the cutting accuracy of ±1mm. The transverse cutting range is from 300mm to 1600mm, and the effective breadth is about 1200mm to 2200mm.

1. The corrugated board cutting machine is engineered with flexible paper feeding mechanism composed of multiple belts and rubber rollers, which makes the product suitable for various kinds of corrugated board. In addition, the deformation of the corrugation is eliminated.
2. Circular knife is employed for cutting. The cutting angle of the blade is 45°. Containing little deckle edges, the board processed has tidy deburring. Economical and practical, the tool apron and blade are reasonably designed for easy blade replacement.
3. The paper feeding and paper cutting devices are powered by a 3.7kW variable frequency motor. In addition, this slitter and cross cutter for single face corrugated board adopts synchronous belt for transmission, resulting in high accuracy, long lifespan, and low noise.
4. Our corrugated board cutting machine utilizes AC servo motor to control the transverse cutting knife. The servo motor is under the control of the imported AC servo motor control system.
5. The upper and lower shafts of the transverse cutting knife are driven by precise gear engagement. The cooling of the shaft is realized through automatic circulation of the lubricating oil. The lower gear is connected with the synchronous servo motor directly. Requiring no idle gear, the cutting accuracy is improved, as well.
6. For stable cutting performance, the bearing of the transverse cutting knife for the corrugated board cutting machine are imported from other countries.
7. The upper and lower knife shafts shear pieces of paper with the included angle of 2 degree. The meshing position of the upper and lower blade can be adjusted by screw tightening, ensuring trim cutting edge. Made of high-quality alloy, the cutting knife is durable and supports multiple sharpening.
8. A speed measurement encoder is installed at the end of paper feeding roller to obtain the production speed.
9. Positioned on the side panel of the paper cutting section, the control console employs LCD as the master control panel. The control buttons are responsible for regulating starting, stopping, accelerating and decelerating of the corrugated board cutting machine, as well as the power supply of different working sections.
10. A warming signal will be sent out 50 meters before the current order is to be finished, reminding user of order change. The humanized design makes the operation much easier.
11. This range of corrugated board cutter comes with two kinds of stacking mode, being in compliance with fixed height and pre-set quantity, respectively. The two stacking modes can be shifted freely based on actual demand.
12. The conveying section of the corrugated board cutting machine is composed of three different parts driven by the variable frequency motors with the power being 2.2kW, 3.7kW, and 3.7kW, respectively. The first part is designed to separate single corrugated sheet. The second part is to stack the separated single corrugated sheet in a tile-like shape, and the third part is to convey the tile-like single corrugated sheet stably to the stacker.
13. This corrugated cardboard cutting machinery supports automatic counting and stacking without shutdown. The counting is completed by the optoelectronic switch. The cooperation of the conveying section and the stacking section can be controlled by PLC.
14. With this corrugated board cutting machine, one piece of paperboard can be cut into two, three, four, or more pieces. Then the separated parts will be be stacked in order.
15. The stacking section employs pneumatic lifting mechanism. The particularly designed cardboard bracket ensures the maximum stacking height up to 300mm, without shutdown or speed reduction.
16. The stacked cardboard is delivered to the two tracks with the width of 400mm.

Technical Parameters of 1800mm Corrugated Board Cutting Machine

Model SFC-M300
Max. Production Speed 120m/min
Breadth 1800mm
Steam Pressure during Operation 0.8-1.2MPa
Economic Speed 70-110m/min
Transverse cutting Range 300-1600mm (Single corrugated sheet)
Cutting Accuracy ±1mm (Single corrugated sheet)

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