Fully Auto Gluing Machine

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Fully Auto Gluing Machine

1. The fully auto gluing machine is able to steadily bond cardboard boxes at a fast speed. Meanwhile, it offers firm and elegant packing effects.
2. The product is easy to operate, maintain and repair.
3. It can be easily and quickly adjusted to adapt to cardboard boxes of different sizes. The squareness of cardboard box can be automatically rectified.
4. Based on a simple, reliable and accurate operation mode, this gluing machine supports automatic paper feeding, glue coating, folding, counting, stacking and output. Before being bonded together into a carton, cardboards are flat and have creases. When sticking cardboards, the operator should first fold the cardboards according to the creases. In addition, the upper and lower parts can be bonded with adhesive tapes at the same time. This helps save a lot of labor and time.
5. The average speed of bonding cardboard box is 150 pieces per minute and the highest speed is 220 pieces per minute.

Technical Specifications
Model DX-2000 DX-2400 DX-2800
Max. Cardboard Size 1000×2000 1200×2400 1400×2800
Min. Cardboard Size 260×600 300×800 300×800
Installation Area 2400×13500 2800×15500 3000×15500
Required Power 6.5 8.0 10.5
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