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High Speed Water Based Ink Printing Slotting Machine

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High Speed Water Based Ink Printing Slotting Machine

The high speed water based ink printing slotting machine is devised and manufactured in line with high requirements and reliability. Owing to the user-friendly operation design, this product can easily carry out functions of setting, modification, performing, replacing and memorizing in a very short of time. Meanwhile, any change can be displayed with digits accurately.

All the driving rollers use the high quality steel with the surface being plated with hard chrome, and grinded. The transmission gear employs premium quality alloy steel, as well as goes through heat treatment and grinding. The main transmission shaft employs the joint without key to reduce connecting gap, thus guaranteeing registering accuracy. The automatic engine oil balancing device is capable of keeping balanced the oil level of each section.

Technical Specifications
Item Model
SYKM950-1800 SYKM950-2000 SYKM950-2200 SYKM4212-2200 SYKM4212-2400
Max. Machinery Speed 150pcs/min 150pcs/min 150pcs/min 150pcs/min 150pcs/min
Economic Printing Speed120pcs/min 120pcs/min 120pcs/min 120pcs/min 120pcs/min
Max. Cardboard Size95 0 × 2000 95 0 ×2200 95 0 ×2400 1300 ×2400 1300 ×2600
Min. Cardboard Size260 ×500 260 ×500 260 ×500 350 ×800 350 ×800
Min. Slotting Clearance Obverse Knife 140 ×140 ×140 ×140 150 ×150 ×150 ×150
Reverse Knife 260 ×60 ×260 ×60 280 ×60 ×280 ×60
Max. Slot Depth 240 240 240 300 300
Skip Paper Feeding1200 ×2000 1200 ×2200 1200 ×2400 1500 ×2400 1500 ×2600
Max. Printing Area 95 0 ×1800 950 ×2000 950 ×2200 1300 ×2200 1300 ×2400
Standard Thickness of Printing Plate 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2

The whole water based ink printing slotting machine is PLC controlled and has the return-to-zero and memory functions. Additionally, it can also be optionally regulated by both PLC and touch screen. The product can alternatively make use of metal or ceramic anilox roller whose number is dependent on the actual requirements of customers. Because of high efficiency, it is excellent for common or small cartons.

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