Automatic Laminating Machine

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Automatic Laminating Machine

The laminating machine is responsible for lamination of the corrugated cardboard with a single fluted sheet after the whole production is carried out. Thus, it doesn't work with the whole production line. This product possesses a suction belt transmission function which better protects the corrugated cardboard from being cambered and upwarped.

The backing paper is fed by a pushing device with accurate, convenient, steady and fast positioning while having little noise. In this way, the mechanical properties of the laminating machine are guaranteed reliable and stable. The corrugated cardboard can be laminated in an aligning way. Moreover, when the surface paper and the cardboard do not move at the same speed, the faster one will stay at a certain place and wait for the other for neat lamination.

Technical Specifications
Model 1300 1450
Max. Laminating Size 1300×1100 1400×1100
Min. Laminating Size 360 ×360 360×360
Mechanical Speed 0-45 0-45
Overall Dimension 10660 ×1980 ×1260 10660×2230×1260
Total Power 4.3 4.3
Papercard Used as the Surface Paper≥ 200 ≥ 200
Papercard Used as Backing Paper ≥ 250 ≥ 250

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