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Specification of Automatic Sheet to Sheet Laminating Machine

Model 1307 1310
Max. Sheet Size (W×L) 1300mm×720mm 1300mm×1000mm
Min. Sheet Size (W×L) 500mm×450mm 500mm×450mm
Thickness of Surface Paper 100-800g/m2 100-800g/m2
Thickness of Backing Paper 180-800/m2 180-800/m2
Max. Speed 150pcs/min (Based on paper quality) 120pcs/min (Based on paper quality)
Lamination Accuracy ±0.5mm/mm (Standard and good quality paper) ±0.5m/m (Standard and good quality paper)
Total Weight 7000kg 7000kg
Total Length 10.5m 10.5m
Operation Space 3m×13.5m 3m×13.5m
Power 380V 3~(15hp) 380V 3~(15hp)

As the name implies, the automatic sheet to sheet laminating machine is specially offered to laminate sheet to sheet for the production of tags, boxes, and some others. The surface paper feeder and the backing paper feeder are suitable for the paper of 110-800gsm and 180-800gsm, respectively. The compressor for the sheet laminator is employed to laminate paper and convey the paper to the piling section.

1. Surface Paper Feeder
2. Backing Paper Feeder
3. Compressor
4. Paper Piling Section

Gelatinizing Unit: backing paper gelatinizing
Registration Device: for high precision paper lamination

1. The automatic sheet to sheet laminating machine adopts high speed paper feeding unit produced with mature technology, for simple operation and easy maintenance. The feeding unit is applicable for various kinds of paper.

2. Four sucking nozzles and five paper conveying devices are employed for the delivery of the surface paper and the backing paper. In addition, this automatic laminating machine is engineered with double-layer rubber for paper sucking and single layer rubber for paper conveying to avoid the delivery of double pieces of paper. The two blowers help ensure smooth paper separation of the automatic sheet to sheet laminating machine.

1. Four sucking nozzles
2. Blower
3.Five paper conveying device

Moreover, another two side blowers are installed on the product, which can be adjusted to ensure smooth paper feeding.

1. Side blower

Non-stop piling device makes for ceaseless paper piling to improve the productivity.

1. Main piler
2. Sub-piler

3. Register adjustment
User can adjust the register position through the hand wheel or hand lever for fine adjustment.

1. Hand lever for fine adjustment
2. Hand wheel for adjustment based on paper size

The numbers offer indication for users during adjustment.

1. Width adjustment
2. Pressure adjustment

The register can be conducted when the paper is running. Fine adjustment can be completed by pressing the related button for the automatic sheet to sheet laminating machine.

1. Side lay adjustment for backing paper
2. Side lay adjustment for surface paper

The register of the piling can be achieved by pressing the related buttons on the panel.

1. Back lay
2. Control panel

Both the pressure and the glue quantity can be adjusted easily through the hand wheel. In addition, user can record the processing detail for manufacturing paper product in the same size in future.

1. Glue adjustment
2. Direction indication
3. Paper thickness adjustment

The feeder of the automatic sheet to sheet laminating machine cooperates well with the front lay.

1. Pointer
2. Scale
3. Forward and Backward

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