Creasing Chamfering Slotting Machine

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Creasing Chamfering Slotting Machine

1. The creasing chamfering slotting machine is excellent for common cartons or small sized ones, due to high efficiency.
2. The whole product is driven by the cross-slide system for reducting gear adjustment error. The spray lubrication is beneficial for decreasing noise, thus prolonging the operation life of the whole unit.
3. The creasing chamfering slotting machine makes use of the planetary gear mechanism for phase adjustment. The slotting phase can be electrically and digitally adjusted with the operation not being halted.
4. The working platform of the product comes with a manual clutch and a photoelectric counting function.
5. The mainframe comes with forward and reverse inching systems for convenient adjustment.
6. The base shaft can be lifted for three-layer, five-layer and seven-layer cardboard.
7. The slotting blade disc uses four blades for synchronous adjustment of the arc distance between the front and back slotting blades installed on the same knife block in the circumferential direction. This helps save a lot of order changing time.

Technical Specifications
1. Motor Power: 2.2kW
2. Max. Feeding Area: 1450 ×2500
3. Min. Feeding Area: 1450 ×450
4. Slot Width: 7mm
5. Speed: 0~60 pcs/min

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