High Speed Water Ink Printer Slotter Machine

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High Speed Water Ink Printer Slotter Machine

1. The high speed water ink printer slotter machine can be applied to common cartons or small-sized cartons, based on high effectiveness.
2. This product, composed of the paper feeding part, printing part and optional slotting part, can print and slot three-layer or five-layer corrugated cardboard at one time.
3. The wallboard is constructed from HT 250 with the thickness being 40mm for better intensity. It is precisely processed in a large processing center.
4. The driving system adopts the helical tooth with a helical angle for transmission. The noise is little, as well as the intensity and transmission stability of the gear are both improved. All the driving gears are manufactured from 45# high quality forged steel, and come with hardening treatment as well as enclosed spray lubrication.
5. Each unit of the water ink printer slotter machine is characterized by electric separation unit, as well as is designed with the alarm bell. When the separation operation is being done, the bell will ring continuously for alarming to make operators safe.
6. The motor is equipped with the constant torque clutch for buffering the collision between different units due to mal-operation.
7. Each working unit has an automatic return-to-zero function and can be adjusted to the required size as soon as a small quantity of cardboard is experimentally delivered. This helps prevent the waste of the cardboard.
8. The whole water ink printer slotter machine is exquisitely shaped in a soft color. Its modular construction allows the addition and removal of any units.
9. The high quality anilox roller is bought from Jiangsu Haili Company.

Technical Specifications
1. Max. Machinery Speed
Leading Edge Feeding: 100 pieces/min
Back-kick Feeding: 90 pieces/min
2. Economic Production Speed
Leading Edge Feeding: 80 pieces/min
Back-kick Feeding: 70 pieces/min
3. Max. Paper Feeding Size: 950mm×2200mm
4. Min. Paper Feeding Area: 290mm (Full Printing) ×500mm
5. Max. Printing Area: 950mm×2000mm
6. Overprinting Accuracy: ≤±0.6mm
7. Slotting and Die Cutting Precision: ≤±1.5mm
8. Standard Thickness of Printing Forme: 7.2mm

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