Label Printing Machine

Label Printing Machine

The label printing machine is composed of unwinding and rewinding device with pneumatic shaft, printing unit, CCD camera, touch screen, secondary printing, web guide unit, auto ink adjusting device, Yaskawa or Panasonic servo motor, automatic oil supply system, and automatic 0.15mm plate installation and adjustment unit.

Why Us
1. The offset printing machine is applicable for wide range of materials, such as the film with the thickness over 0.05mm, and the paper of 60-350gsm.
2. It helps user improve the paper waste condition during machine starting or plate changing. The paper waste can be controlled within 50m. According to the data provided by the customer, our label printing machine can save USD 100 a shift easily, compared with the product of the same type from other suppliers.
3. The dampening system of the intermittent rotary printing machine utilizes the alcohol with the concentration from 3% to 5%, resulting in less smell and less production cost.

Items Specifications Unit
Paper roll width 660 mm
Max. printing area 650×520 mm
Diameter of unwinding paper roll 1000 mm
Diameter of rewinding paper roll 1000 mm
Thickness of printing material Paper: 80-400 g/m2
Printing length 260-520 mm
Printing speed 30-150 (Subject to the length and quality of the printing material, Max. 70m/min) times/min
Machine power 49.35 for 7 units kW (3 phase 380V 50/60Hz)
UV 12kW/unit kW(3 phase 380V)
Overall dimensions 13000×4000×1900 (L×W×H), 7 units mm
Machine weight About 20000 for 7 units kg
Note: The specification above is for reference only.

1. The label printing machine perfectly integrates the Japanese Hamada technology into the production of the intermittent rotary vacuum conveying system developed by our company.
2. This label printer is developed based on the close cooperation with the engineers from Japan, enabling the leading position of our product in the industry home and abroad. The optimal water-ink balance is conducive to the excellent printing effect and good durability.
3. Employing specially designed unwinding and rewinding system, our label printing machine is characterized by stable paper conveying.
4. In addition, the paper waste for the first start is controlled within 40 meters, from raw material printing to finished product completion (generally from 20 to 30 meters), depending on the skill of the operator.
5. The operation of the product is quite easy. It only takes about 5 days for the green hands to grasp the operative skills of the machine.
6. This product is suitable for the raw paper with the thickness from 0.05mm to 0.55mm.

If you have any problem related to the technical parameters of the label printing machine, please feel free to contact us.

  • Touch Screen
  • CCD and Remote Ink Control Monitor
  • Pneumatic Paper Feeding
  • Paper Shortage Detector
  • Web-guide
  • Waste Cleaning Device and Rewinder (optional)
  • Heavy Duty Printing Unit

  • Layout of the Rollers

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