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Printing and Die Cutting Machine

1. The printing and die cutting machine is specially designed for high speed, high accuracy, high efficiency, high reliability, and high safety.
2. It adopts internationally famous PLC, industrial grade human-machine interface and the frequency converter as the main part for the electrical control system, enabling intelligent and rapid order arrangement.
3. For high safety, the printer and die cutter is engineered with the function of voice prompt, to remind the users of the operating status and the malfunction of the product.
4. Produced with patented technology, the cardboard conveying device for the printing and die cutting machine requires little pressure during operation. The combination of the cardboard conveying device and the vacuum sucking system of the printing section is conducive to the elimination of the cardboard strength damage and cardboard deformation, ensuring high accuracy of overprinting.
5. Our paperboard processing machinery utilizes 20GrMnTi alloy steel transmission gear with the accuracy class up to 6 and hardness of HRC58-62. The employment of key-free joint and the crosshead shoe helps realize non-backlash transmission, achieving long time printing register.
6. The ink feeding system of the printing and die cutting machine adopts MAGIC enclosed type squeegee. Used in conjunction with ceramic anilox roll, the ink feeding system achieves 100-120 mesh printing, which is conducive to the improvement of the printing effect.
7. This printing and die cutting machine is installed with pneumatic bi-direction diaphragm pump for ink supply and ink release. Apart from easy operation, this design makes for ink saving and convenient cleaning of the pump.
8. The main wall panel of the machine is made of HT250 gray cast iron with the thickness of 60mm. Produced with artificial ageing technology and large-scale machining centre, the wall panel has high strength and high precision.

Computer Controlled Operation System
1. The control panel of the printing and die cutting machine is installed with a 10.4 inch color human-machine interface, for easy, convenient, rapid, and accurate control on cardboard conveying unit, printer, polishing device, and die cutting equipment. In addition, one 7 inch color touch screen is installed for each set to display data. The man-machine conservation unit, as well as the manual & electronic control operating system, makes for easy operation of the corrugated cardboard printing equipment.
2. The cardboard conveying device, printer, and the die cutting device will return to zero position electrodynamically. Thanks to the automatic zero adjustment device and automatic color register unit for common cardboard, only a few pieces of cardboard are required for experimental production to obtain accurate positioning for color register, reducing the waste of paperboard, accordingly.
3.In case the machine is opened for forme cleaning or replacement, the machine will return to the original position automatically once the replacement is completed, by virtue of the memory function.
4. Our printing and die cutting machine supports order presetting. The size of the cardboard can be input into the computer through the operation on the 10.4 touch screen. Consequently, the left and right baffle, as well as the rear stopper, can be positioned intelligently.
5. This machine has the function of data storage. The current machining data can be saved with serial number. Totally, this product can save the information for 999 orders, leading to convenient operation and time saving for the production in future.
6. The operation of the anilox roller is controllable. The anilox rollers for the printing and die cutting machine, which are not required for paperboard production, will not decline, thus, saving time for the cleaning of the unused roller. The roller will rise and fall in sequence, along with on-off of paper feeding, improving the rate of finished product, effectively.
7. Flexibly, the cardboard trimming time and the interval for paper trimming can be set up based on the practical situation.
8. On the main screen of the printing and die cutting machine, the pre-set order quantity and the quantity of the finished product are displayed. An alarm will be sent out in case the order is completed. In the meantime, the paper feeding will stop automatically, and the anilox roller will be separated from the forme, as well.
9. The cruise control system is available with the host computer. The production speed can be 30, 60 or 90 pieces per minute. In addition, the host computer starting, stopping, acceleration and deceleration function make for easy control of the product.
10. Both single operation and joint operation are available with this printing and die cutting machine. The control on the operating mode can be realized through one-touch operation.

Cardboard Conveying System (one set)
The paperboard conveying system adopts pressure-free cardboard feeding mechanism (patented product) for zero cardboard strength damage and zero deformation caused by the rubber roller and the anilox roller. In addition to the improvement of the compressive strength of the cardboard, the raw material cost is reduced, as well.

The negative pressure sucking type cardboard feeding system ensures efficient and accurate feeding of various kinds of corrugated cardboard and warped cardboard from the front part of the machine. The air volume and air pressure of the printing and die cutting machine can be adjusted based on the size and the warping conditions of the cardboard for cost reduction and energy conservation. The left and right baffle, as well as the rear stopper, is controlled by the PLC system. In addition, the paperboard height and width can be preset and adjusted intelligently.

1. Machine Set On-Off
The on and off of the machine set is electrically controlled. The voice prompt helps ensure the safety of the operator. The transmission shaft for the printing and die cutting machine is installed with friction clutch to avoid machine damage caused by mal-operation. In addition, the emergency switch is installed for the internal control on the machine set movement, ensuring the safety of the operator.

Designed with pneumatic interlocking device, the host machine is unable to start up and a voice prompt will be sent, in case any machine set is not locked. The locking device for the complete machine is conducive to the stable operation of the equipment.

2. Dust Collecting System
The printing and die cutting machine is installed with parallel dedusting mechanism, making the product suitable for reliable full point printing and mesh screen printing. In addition, the machine shutdown and forme cleaning are reduced accordingly.

Printer (6 sets)
1. The vacuum cardboard conveying system realizes the accurate positioning and printing of the cardboard. Little margin is required for cardboard delivering, which saves the cardboard waste, accordingly.
2. The precise control system for the printing and die cutting machine is capable of adjusting the ink conveying clearance, overprinting clearance, and axial position. The regulation can be conducted on the PLC system with digits display. Employing PLC, the control system offers minimum adjustment rate of 0.1mm.
3. Thanks to the MAGIC enclosed type squeegee and the ceramic anilox roll, the printing effect of single color screen printing and multiple color overprinting can be greatly improved. In addition, precise printing can be realized. Apart from the uniform stress, the self compensation function of the squeegee is conducive to the long lifespan of the blade.
4. The driving wheel for the special transmission case of the printing and die cutting machine is processed with ceramic polishing technology for good abrasion resistance. The strengthened friction coefficient makes for accurate color register.
5. The airflow and air pressure is controlled by the frequency converter and can be adjusted based on the cardboard size and the warping conditions for energy conservation.

Technical Parameters
Item Unit Specifications
2200 2400 2600 2800 3000
Max. Paper Size mm 1200×1900 1200×2100 1200×2300 1200×2500 1200×2700
Max. Printing Area mm 1200×1800 1200×2000 1200×2200 1200×2400 1200×2600
Max. Size of Paper for Skip Feeding mm 1400×1900 1400×2100 1400×2300 1400×2500 1400×2700
Max. Slot Depth mm 300
Min. Paper Size mm 400×800
Min. Slotting Clearance mm 130×130×130×130 (Forward direction)
Standard Thickness of Forme mm 7.2
Cardboard Thickness mm 3-10
Overprinting Accuracy mm ±0.5
Slotting and Die Cutting Accuracy mm ±1
Machinery Speed pcs/min 200 180 160
Working Speed pcs/min 160 120 120
Total Power (6 colors) kW 110 120 120
Weight tons 36 38 40 42 44

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