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1. High Speed
The semi automatic die cutting machine adopts frequency controller to achieve stepless speed acceleration. The maximum ideal speed can reach up to 4500 times per hour. Generally, depending on the quality of the cardboard, the cardboard die cutter runs at the speed of 3600 to 4000 times per hours. For the cardboard with good quality, the operating speed can be 4200 times/hour, at most.

2. High Safety
As shown in the picture, the cardboard feeding of the semi automatic die cutting machine is conducted from the rear part of the machine, to prevent the operators from being injured by the die-cutting part. In addition, the installation and adjustment of the die plate can be carried out from the outside of the die cutting section. The sensor and detector are specially offered for the die cutting section, making sure the machine will not start when the die cutting plate is being adjusted.
Apart from the die cutting section, the sensors or the proximity switch are also installed at the window of die cutting section for the semi automatic die cutting machine, ensuring overall monitoring on the running status of the cardboard cutting machine.

3. Operation Convenience
There is a human-machine interface for the control panel to indicate the operating status of the machine, as well as malfunctions to assist the operator. Camera is also installed for the operator to monitor the operation status at the cardboard conveying section.

4. Easy Operation
A human-machine interface is designed for the control panel of the paperboard processing equipment to display the operating status of the semi automatic die cutting machine, as well as the malfunction information. In addition, the camera is installed for the operator to monitor the operation status of the conveying part.

Specifications of Semi Automatic Die Cutting Machine

Model Unit MY1500E MY1300E
Max. Paper Size mm 1500×1100 1300×960
Min. Paper Size mm 400×400 400×400
Max. Die-cutting Size mm 1480×1080 1280×940
Max. Speed sheets/h 4500 4500
Max. Working Pressure ton 300 300
Max. Paper Thickness mm 7 7
Die-cutting Accuracy mm ±0.5 ±0.5
Total Power kW 21 17
Total Weight ton 14.5 13.5
Overall Dimension mm 7800×4600×2205 7250×4100×2145

Main Structures and Key Material
Main Parts
The main parts refer to the pedestal, moving platform, upper platform, and machine wall panel. The pedestal is made of HT200 gray cast iron, and the moving platform is produced from QT 42-10 ductile iron. For the wall panel, high quality A3 steel is adopted.

Main Drive

1. Pneumatic Clutch
2. Worm Shaft
3. Worm Gear

The main drive of the semi automatic die cutting machine is composed of 11kW Siemens motor, pneumatic clutch, worm shaft, and worm gear, enabling stable output pressure of over 300 tons. The worm shaft is made of 40Cr steel processed with quenching technology. Produced from ZQAL9-4 copper alloy, the worm gear has the hardness up to HRC 45-50. The bearing of our machine is from SKF and the bushing is manufactured with ZQSn6-6-3 copper alloy.

Die-cutting and Creasing Part

1. Pendulum
2. Pendulum Shaft
3. Moving Platform
4. Upper Platform

The die cutting plate for the semi automatic die cutting machine is made of 7mm 75Crl steel with better hardness and longer lifespan than that of the manganese plate.

Board Conveying Device

  • 3-cam Intermittent Positioning Device
  • Internal Structure
  • Bushing

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