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Die Cutting Creasing Machine

The die cutting creasing machine is only used to process cardboard boxes and cartons having special shapes. It adopts the herringbone gear input construction and helical gear output structure. The gears are made of ball milling castings or 45# steel parts. The electrical components are purchased from CHINT, DELIXI and Zhejiang Taihua.

The die cutting creasing machine has four functions including counting, single or continuous paper cutting, open time delay and counting. Additionally, the time delay range is adjustable. The reliable safety defending system involves gantry insurance, triangle insurance, handle insurance and light-operated automatic insurance.

The die cutting creasing unit comes with the electric sucking type clutch with the characteristics of sensitive braking, great safety factor, high safety performances, etc. The template frame is adjustable for convenient addition and removal of the template. The oil can be provided in manual, centralized or computer automatic way. The product can also be supplied with the feature of frequency control.

Relevant Information
1. Area of Pressing Stand Lithographic Plate: 1330×950mm
2. Inner Size of Plate Frame: 1300×920mm
3. Length of Creasing Cutting Line: <45m
4. Motor Power: (Y132M1-4)7.5kW
5. Overall Weight: 5600kg
6. Speed: 18±2 times/minute
7. Overall Dimension: 2100×2500×2100mm

Technical Specifications
Model Max. Effective Cutting Area Operation Speed Length of Creased Cut Sheet Motor Power Net WeightOverall Dimension (L× W× H)
PYQ401C 750×520mm 28 ±2 (strokes/min ) <15m 2.2kW 2000kg 1260×1350×1280mm
PYQ203D 930×670mm 23 ±2 (strokes/min ) <25m 3.0kW 3000kg 1670×1670×1630mm
ML1100 1100×800mm 20 ±2 (strokes/min ) <32m 4.0kW 4500kg 1900×1780×1700mm
ML1200 1200×8300mm 20 ±2 (strokes/min ) <35m 4.0kW 4800kg 1920×2140×1920mm
ML1300 1300×920mm 18 ±2 (strokes/min ) <40m 5.5kW 6000kg 2000×2140×2000mm
ML1400 1400×1000mm 17 ±2 (strokes/min ) <45m 5.5kW 6800kg 2010×2400×1930mm
ML1500 1500×1050mm 16 ±2 (strokes/min ) <45m 5.5kW 7500kg 2010×2400×1930mm
ML1600 1600×1250mm 16 ±2 (strokes/min ) <50m 11kW 11000kg 2170×2560×2230mm
ML1800 1800×1300mm 16 ±2 (strokes/min ) <62m 15kW 13500kg 2240×2800×2130mm
Note: The above specifications are only for reference. They may be changed as the product is improved.
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