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Slotting Die Cutting Machine

Patent Number: 2007201006161

1. The slotting die cutting machine plays an important part in manufacture of cardboard boxes. It is used for slotting, creasing, chamfering, punching, clasping, as well as die cutting of the cardboard into the desired shape at one time, except for heterogenic cardboard cartons and boxes.
2. It has found a wide range of applications, as well as enjoyed a great market demand and high sales volume.
3. This slotting die cutting machine is composed of paper feeding part, chamfering and slotting part, as well as slitting and creasing part.
4. The wallboard uses cast iron with the thickness being 40mm. Hard to be deformed, it increases the stability of the whole product.
5. The drilling is conducted by the high-precision digital boring mill with the center distance between holes reaching ±0.01mm.
6. The driving gears are constructed from 45# steel by the high precision equipment. The surface is quenched, which not only guarantees gear accuracy but also improves the hardness of the gear teeth. For this reason, the gear can be used for a long time.
6. The slotting die cutting machine makes use of the planetary gear phase transmission mechanism with high accuracy and good durability. The adjustment of phase is under the control of high quality sensor for excellent reliability and precision.
7. This product uses imported arc-shaped blades, saw blades for rotary applications, as well as imported die cutting shim, a polyurethane PU elastomer for rotary use. Thus, the cut of the processed cardboard is smooth. There is no deckle edge and burr when the cardboard is chamfered and slotted.
8. During operation, the bottom shaft of the die cutting shim moves right and left automatically. Thus, the rotary die cutting device can achieve automatic shifting, making the cut have no dual blade marks and improving the operation life of the shim.
9. The cardboard boxes produced by this slotting die cutter can be paralleled to those made by the die cutting unit and rotary die cutting device while the slotting die cutting machine can save a lot of plate making charge and increase safety factor.
10. All the driving gears come with spray lubrication.
11. With the assistance of crosshead shoe, the meshing gap between gears remains unchanged when the shaft clearance is adjusted. This ensures transmission accuracy of the gear and extends the operation life of the gear.
12. The electronic counter is capable of accurately controlling the cardboard number.
13. The product can be designed with different slotting width and length according to customers' requirements.

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